July 3, 2013

The College of the Holy Cross lives by the Jesuit motto of "Men and women with others." The Holy Cross Men's basketball team is no different. From June 23-26, we offered our annual basketball camp so that we, too, could be "men and women for others." It gave us an opportunity to give back to the community and impart wisdom on the game we love so that young kids might have the chance to better themselves on the hardwood.

Although the most enjoyable time of the day, games were not the focus of our camp. Instead, we focused on honing the camper's skills. To do this, our coaches, Coach Brown, Coach Dunlap, Coach Robinson, Coach Driscoll and Coach Popp all spoke on fundamental aspects of basketball. Coach Dunlap spoke about the principles of 3 v. 3, specifically pace and space and setting screens and using screens. Defense being the fabric of the game, Coach Robinson put campers through his "I love defense" drill every morning in order to develop the game's future lockdown defenders. Coach Driscoll introduced form shooting to give campers the tools to become knockdown shooters. Coach Popp lectured on ball screen defensive coverage, with a focus on "hedging" and "downing." Finally, Coach Brown had one on one time with the campers to speak about the tools needed for success on and off the basketball court.

-Conor Sheehan, 2016